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101 Net Spring Rolls (4 Pieces)

Delicious vegetable, wrapped in a deliciously crispy spring roll wrapper with sweet chilli sauce

102 Curry Puff (4 Pieces)

Famous vegetarian starter with a sense of curry powder served with sweet chilli sauce

103 Fish Cake (4 Pieces)

Fresh minced fish fillets mixed with chilli paste, bean and Thai herbs, deep fried served with sweet chili sauce

104 Crispy Mid Wing (4 Pieces)

Deep fried crispy chicken mid wing served with Thai style sweet chilli sauce

105 Salt & Pepper Calamari

Deep fried golden crispy salt and pepper calamari served with sweet chilli sauce

106 Dim Sim (4 Pieces)

A combination of minced prawn and chicken wrapped in wonton pastry and steamed in perfect timing. Served with the mixture of sweet soy sauce, brown vinegar and chilli sauce

107 Satay Chickens (2 Skewers)

Marinated tenderloin chicken on skewer then grilled and served with peanut sauce

108 Satay Tofu

Deep fried tofu then topped with sesame and peanut sauce

109 Mixed EntrÉe (4 Pieces)

Curry Puff, Net Spring Roll, Crispy Mid Wing and Fish Cake

Healthy and Grill

201 Som-tum (thai Green Papaya Salad)

A popular Thai dish that showcases fresh vegetables is known as som tum. A combination of sweet, salty, tangy sauce made of sugar, lime juice and fish sauce completes the dish

202 Beef Salad

Grilled tender beef tossed with salad, Spanish onion, kaffir lime leaf, lemon grass, mint, shallot, coriander and served with a chilli and lime dressing

203 Gai-yang

(GRILLED CHICKEN) 5 hours slow cooked chicken breast in traditional Thai style marinated chicken served with mixed salad

204 Moo-yang

(GRILLED PORK) Pork fillet marinated in Thai style served with mixed salad and chili-lime sauce

205 Crying Tiger

(GRILLED BEEF) Thai style marinated beef served with mixed salad and spicy & sour sauce

Soup and Curry

301 Tom Yum Goong

(PRAWN IN THAI SPICY SOUP) Famous Thai soup with prawn cutlets, fresh mushroom and various traditional Thai herbs

302 Tom Kha Gai

(CHICKEN IN COCONUT SOUP) Tender chicken and fresh mushroom in a mild spicy-sour coconut soup

303 Green Curry

A medium hot Thai curry flavoured with kaffir lime leaves, fresh red chilli, basil leaves, coconut milk and seasonal vegetables

304 Red Curry

Creamy red curry flavoured with fresh red chilli paste along with assorted vegetables, basil leaves and coconut milk

305 Panang Curry

Mild red curry with assorted vegetables, shredded lime leaves and coconut milk

306 Massaman

Traditional Massaman curry with coconut milk, sweet potatoes and cashew nut in creamy mild tasty curry

The Wok

401 Fried Rice

Stir fried rice with vegetables, egg and seasoning

402 Spicy Fried Rice

Stir fried rice with vegetables, egg with chilli and basil sauce

403 Pad Thai

Classic Thai noodle dish, fresh thin rice noodle wok fried with egg, red onion, diced tofu, bean sprout, shallot and crushed peanut

404 Pad See-ew

Famous Thai noodle dish, Fresh rice noodle flavoured with dark sweet soy bean sauce, egg, seasonal vegetables and a hint of white pepper

405 Pad Kee-mao

(THAI SPICY NOODLE) Stir fried fresh rice noodle with chili and basil sauce, minced garlic, onion, mix vegetables and egg

406 Oyster Sauce

A classic stir fried with assorted vegetables in oyster sauce

407 Cashew Nut Sauce

Crunchy cashew nuts and seasonal vegetables stir fried with sweet mild chilli jam

408 Garlic & Pepper Sauce

Wok fried fresh vegetables with garlic and pepper

409 Chilli And Basil Sauce

A full flavour stir fried with minced garlic and fresh chilli, mixed vegetables and basil

410 Ginger & Shallot Sauce

An authentic Thai style wok dish with a mixture of seasonal vegetables and fresh ginger

411 Sweet & Sour Sauce

Flavoured by Thai style tomato sauce base and pineapple

412 Peanut Sauce

Stir fried with fresh vegetables in peanut sauce

Side Dish

Steamed Thai Jasmine Rice


Steamed Rice With Peanut Sauce


Saffron Rice


Egg Fried Rice


Roti Bread


Steamed Veggies


Prawn Cracker



Soft Drink

Sparkling Mineral Water








Combo Menu

Set For One

Fish Cake, Chilli & Basil Chicken, Rice

Set For Two

Net Spring Roll, Cashew Nut Beef, Pad-Thai Chicken, Rice

Fun Set

Mixed Entree, Fried Rice Prawn, Massaman Chicken, Rice

Family Set

Salt & Pepper Calamari, Mixed Entree, Green Curry Chicken, Pad See-Ew Beef, Chilli Basil Prawn, Rice, Soft Drink

*for Other Choices, Please Give Us A Call @ (02) 9427 6272 / 9427 6274*

Lunch Special (Takeaway Only)

Chicken Pad Thai


Chicken Pad See-ew


Beef Spicy Noodle


Chicken Fried Rice


Beef Spicy Fried Rice


Stir Fried Chicken Chilli Basil With Rice


Stir Fried Chicken Cashew Nut With Rice


Garlic & Pepper Beef With Rice


Combo A

One Lunch Box + Soft Drink

Combo B

One Lunch Box + Beer